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Why does my dentist make me stick out my tongue?

Oral Cancer – while it is not as well known as other forms of cancer, this disease kills one person each hour, 24 hours a day. Every. Single. Day. Though it is a fairly wide-spread issue, campaigns and foundations for…

Lynette Page, DDS

4 tips for helping kids to avoid cavities

We all know that kids are extremely active and that trying to teach them the essential tasks of life can be difficult, at best. The commotion and stress caused by anything new, especially any sort of inconvenience, can be incredibly…

Lynette Page, DDS

If you are suffering dental pain, ignoring it won’t make it go away

In most cases, oral health problems go from bad to worse. It’s so important to deal with these issues quickly, and of course, make regular appointments for dental check-ups every 6 months to prevent potential future issues. You may have…

Page Dental Group

Have you been curious about Invisalign?

You’re not alone. One of the main reasons Invisalign is so popular is that having straight teeth is likely to contribute to higher levels of self-confidence. You just feel better about your overall appearance. According to a 2016 survey by…

Page Dental Group

September Patient Highlights

We can’t tell you enough how much we LOVE our city and being part of your lives. You’re our extended family. So it’s only fitting for us to do a little bragging about you! Patient Highlights Dr. Jillian Larsen has been…

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